K-12 Teachers, Schools or Districts

The common core standards, adopted by 45 states, stress creativity, critical thinking, collaboration, communications, problem solving and research and inquiry.

Problem- and project-based learning methods are ideal for developing these skills while students are learning subject matter content.

Meeting these standards requires a shift in methods.  Teachers will need to design and implement contexts that engage teams of students in self-directed problem solving. Design should include a scenario that creates cognitive dissonance, providing the motivation for engagement.

We help K-12 Teachers, Schools or Districts

  • Looking for ways and means to implement Common Core Standards or Next Generation Science Standards
  • Needing professional development in inquiry-based methods that will show teachers how to simultaneously address students’ learning of subject matter and higher order thinking skills.
  • Needing teachers to both design and implement inquiry-based instruction
  • Desiring alternative assessment strategies to align with the new methods
  • Wanting teachers to have more tools that will support students in active learning classrooms

During implementation, students will develop problem statements, identify questions needing to be answered, plan research, synthesize information and data, and prepare and present solutions or recommendations.

Teachers will need to develop coaching, scaffolding and questioning strategies to support students as they work through the problem set.  Assessment, instead of focusing on correct answers, will need to address development of learners that engage in deep thinking and develop life-long learning skills.