Who We Help

Since 1995, our team members have provided professional development for hundreds of university faculty and nearly 5,000 K-12 teachers on problem- and project-based learning.

Participants report greater engagement and deeper understanding by their students who find ownership in the learning process.

What You Want To Accomplish

At the K-12 level, many teachers are confronted with how to implement the Common Core State Initiatives or the Next Generation Science Standards.  Part of the solution would be to implement inquiry-based methods in which students have to engage in critical thinking, research, team work and communications to complete tasks.

Students can also learn STEM skills while learning content.  In many cases, teachers have elected to try problem- or project-based learning but find themselves wondering how to design, implement and assess in inquiry-based environments.  Our team’s experience will assist through face to face workshops and/or continuing online support.

Why We Should Work Together

We can work together to create problem-based lessons that will engage students with relevant and authentic problems and projects.  We will show you how to implement these methods and strategies in your own classroom. Our instruction will address lesson design and initial uses with students.

You will learn how to infuse these methods into your classroom and make use of curriculum mapping, questioning strategies and alternative assessment. These new skills will result in active classrooms where students take ownership of the learning situation while developing critical thinking skills.

We can also provide you with links to hundreds of free, ready-made problem-based lessons that you can put to immediate use.

Your Next Step

Our team can provide the tools and skills needed to successfully integrate PBL into the curriculum.  Choose a time and date for us to discuss your professional development needs.

Contact us to see how problem-based learning will help you
meet the Common Core State Standards (CCSS)