Professional development in designing inquiry-based lessons and courses

K-16 PBL ConsortiumOur team has been providing professional development for teachers and faculty for 18 years. Workshops are active in which participants develop standards-based contexts to engage students.  Contexts contain relevant and authentic hooks to engage students so that they learn content while developing critical thinking and STEM skills.  Workshops have been  provided to teachers of science, art, mathematics, pre-med, engineering, social studies, U.S. History and business.

Professional development in teacher action research, curriculum mapping and questioning strategies.

Keys in instructional design include how to fit the lesson into the curriculum.  Using Understanding by Design, we first ask what the learning outcomes will be, and then we design the context to address these outcomes.  During implementation, teachers or faculty can research a question or focus, looking for data to support whether the PBL intervention is working.  Also important is the teacher or faculty member’s ability to employ questioning strategies that will get students to dig deeper.

Instructional Design

Using the PBL design rubric, we have designed hundreds of PBL lessons for use in the STEM and social studies communities. Teachers attending our professional development workshops or our online programs have also created PBL lessons and units available to the public.

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