The Earth System Science Education Alliance

Target Audience: University Faculty and K-12 Teachers

In 1997 team members responded to a request from a NASA program to create courses that would increase teachers’ content knowledge in Earth system science and their ability to use PBL. This led to the creation of the Earth System Science Education Alliance (ESSEA) that now includes approximately 45 universities and non-profit organizations.  Our team trained the trainers. The program provided PBL modules or lessons to university faculty as well as instruction on how to use PBL.  Faculty learned to create and implement PBL modules online and face to face.  They in turn taught pre-and in-service teachers using the PBL modules. The teachers learned both PBL methods and new content.  This program is still active and has received additional support from the National Science Foundation (NSF) and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).  Upwards of 5,000 teachers have received professional development and some sixty higher education faculty have attended the ESSEA workshops. The site contains some 60 PBL modules for teachers in grades 5-12.

Written by Bob Myers

We are a team of educators who have successfully incorporated Problem Based Learning into K-12 and post-secondary classroom instruction.

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