Exploring the Environment

Target Audience: Teachers in Grades 5-12

Exploring the Environment is a NASA-initiated program that began during the early days of the Internet. The goal was to show how the Internet could be used to deliver STEM materials – in the form of satellite imagery – and to provide instructional materials for teachers.  The program featured summer workshops for teachers on how to use the technology and problem-based learning to engage students.  Started in 1995, some 250 teachers received face to face instruction. Many of these teachers are still using the modules; the site received multiple national and international awards and experienced heavy traffic.  The modules ranged from very structured – for students new to PBL and to Earth system science – to quite advanced, requiring skills in mathematics and chemistry.  These modules can be found here: http://ete.cet.edu/modules/modules.html.  (Only the modules on the left side were developed by our team members.)

Written by Bob Myers

We are a team of educators who have successfully incorporated Problem Based Learning into K-12 and post-secondary classroom instruction.

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