The K-16 Consortium is a group of educators dedicated to assisting others in designing and implementing problem-based learning (PBL) environments.


We work with teachers, school districts and post-secondary organizations to change the way teachers teach and students learn.

We put theory into practice, giving you the tools to develop your students’ passion for learning.

Incorporating or moving to student-centered, inquiry-based learning environments can be intimidating.  For nearly 20 years, our team has provided educators with the professional development needed to move forward.    Whether your goal is adding another effective strategy to your teaching toolbox or providing the training to support systemic change, we can help.

We know you have many professional development choices.  Our team is dedicated to providing the training and tools needed to develop:

  • Standards-based, problem and project-based instructional designs.
  • Strategies for successful classroom implementation.
  • Alternative assessments that measure success in inquiry-based environments.
Find out how to add inquiry-based strategies to your toolbox.
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